+ Can I take an acting class without any previous acting experience?

Yes. We offer introductory classes for those that don’t have any previous acting experience.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

No. Every student registered for a class is required to pay 50% at registration with remaining balance due prior to the first class.

+ Will I be able to miss classes?

We understand that personal situations may arise but we ask you don’t miss more than one class. Remember that these are scene study classes and you will always have a partner that will depend on you. Hence, be considerate to your partner and try not to miss any classes. There are no make-up classes available.

+ How do I know I am doing well in class?

The focus of class is not how well you are doing but rather, the process you are going through.

+ Will I be called in by any industry guests after the last class of each session?

The presence of industry guests is strictly for educational purposes and does not guarantee any employment opportunities.

+ Still have questions?

Feel free to email as and ask any questions that are not included above.