Life is always in process

We are always evolving, devolving, rushing sideways, falling, failing. The key to acting is to, as best as you can, be in the flow of that process while leaving your ego out.

These acting classes are going to be about that process. The journey of discovery, failure, happiness, loss, shame, and every other emotion or human state in between.


Rob Sedgwick is an American actor with over 35 years of experience.


We offer advanced scene study classes as well as introductory classes with Rob Sedgwick.

Success Stories

Cathy Salvodon has booked various roles in ABC, NBC and HBO shows after being seen in one of Rob’s classes.

“Having such a gifted mentor with an Eagle Eye for authentic being, a Vision for truth in the work, and such a strong respect to the craft and all those who came before… well that is a recipe for GOLD.”

Nicholas Max, actor and singer

“His request is straightforward and simple, ‘No egos. Just do the work.’ He’s attentive, direct, and generous, and he will help you elevate your talent if you are willing to put the time and effort in. I am confident that I am a better actor because of the time spent in his class.”

Dan Kellmer, actor